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Addvalue Insurance helps in making insurance purchase easy. With our tie-ups with insurance brokers, you can get free insurance quotes, compare plans based on their premium and features side-by-side. You can choose from the largest selection of insurance plans from leading insurance companies. Compare financial services in India

Addvalue Insurance also compares financial services in India including personal loans and home loans. We offer end-to-end support for these services right from application to disbursal of loans.

Insurance in India is growing at a tremendous rate and hence, the competition being witnessed by the companies is high. With so many insurance companies in the market, it can get difficult to choose the insurance product which is most suitable for your needs. When you compare insurance products in India via PolicyMela, you get a listing of products most suitable for needs. You get to compare in India, insurance products based on various parameters submitted by you. These parameters help us know which all products will be of your interest.

Insurance in India is a dynamically growing market and is set to touch USD 400bn by the year 2020. If we look at the varied choices being offered by the sector, it is strongly suggested that you compare insurance products. Every time you see an analysis and compare insurance products in India on the basis of price, services, duration, etc you get a better understanding of what is being offered and which of the offers are most suitable for your requirement.

You won‘t pay less by going to the provider directly. The comparison service is free to use, clear, crisp and user-friendly. So, before anyone buy one must compare, India best insurance & loans plans that we provide to choose the plan that suits you most.

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